Buy a kit today

Buy a kit today

Bowelscan testing kits are affordable, easy to use and include testing by approved pathologists as well as notification of results. They are simple and non-invasive and require no food or medication restrictions. Simply collect a brushing of the sample, return the kit in the reply paid envelope included with the kit, and a letter of results will be sent to you and your GP.


It couldn't get much easier!

  • Easy

    Bowelscan Test Kits are a simple, non-invasive testing tool. Just collect a brushing of a sample.

  • No Fuss

    Their are no special food restrictions and no alterations to medication.

  • Confidential

    No direct contact needed, simply return the kit in the reply paid envelope.

  • Results

    Once testing is completed  you and your GP will receive a letter stating results.

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