About Bowelscan

Bowel cancer affects about 1 in 20 people but can be curable if caught early. The Bowelscan programme provides low cost, easy to use testing kits to all Australians that can help detect cancer earlier. 

The Bowelscan programme was launched in 1982 by the surgeon Dr Bill Brand in the Rotary Club of Lismore. Dr Brand was frustrated by the number of patients referred to him with advanced bowel cancer that could have had a better prognosis if discovered earlier.

Since then the programme has spread to every state in Australia. Many thousands of people have taken the test and hundreds of people owe their lives to the determination and foresight of Dr Bill Brand and the Rotary Clubs around Australia.

Initially the kits were available only through a network of participating pharmacies across the country. Now, for the first time, the Bowelscan programme is proud to offer kits for sale online so even more people can have access to the kits.

The test is completed at home, is non-invasive and require no food or medication restrictions. Simply collect a brushing of the sample, return the kit in the reply-paid envelope included with the kit. Testing is by approved pathologists, and a letter of results will be sent to you and your GP.